Commercial Helicopter License

Helicopter License & Training

The Commercial Pilot Licence entitles you to work as a helicopter pilot in Australia. There is a huge variety of jobs using helicopters including scenic flights for the tourism sector and the local market, aircraft ferrying, filming and photography flights, search and rescue, fire bombing, oil rig transfers, agricultural and mustering operations, aerial surveying and flight instruction.

We are a training school focused on providing the most knowledgeable and safety oriented pilots in the world. An Australian helicopter pilot license is one of the worlds highest ranking aviation licenses. It is sought after by student pilots around the world as it is easily transferable to other countries where further employment opportunities are endless.

Rotorvation Helicopter Services’ CPL training thoroughly prepares the pilot for commercial operations with safety being our number one priority throughout. Rotorvation’s highly qualified and experienced instructors ensure that students have the knowledge and experience to conduct every flight safely and successfully.

The commercial training rate is GST free and the training can be conducted entirely in the Robinson R22, R44, R66 Turbine,  Bell 206B Jet Ranger or a combination of these.


Rotorvation’s flight testing capability is further broadened with the capacity to conduct and approve various endorsements and ratings.

At Rotorvation Helicopter Services we can offer flight training on:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66 Turbine
  • Bell 206 (JetRanger)
  • AS 350 (Squirrel)

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