Our Fleet

Robinson R22

The two seat piston-engined Robinson R22 has become one of the most popular helicopters in Australia. Used extensively for flight training, it is a reliable responsive machine which is great fun to fly.

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Robinson R44

The larger, 4 seat Robinson R44 is the preferred choice for many operators utilizing the machine for scenic and charter flights, sling and survey work.

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DD0J3648 Cropped

Eurocopter EC120

The EC120 is a very luxurious yet spacious helicopter with large windows offering amazing viability to the passengers. This helicopter offers four leather lined passenger seats with the added bonus of an air-conditioner to keep the passengers comfortable. The advanced design of the fenestron tail rotor brings the overall noise of the machine to a minimum level.

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Bell 206B Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 offers four passenger seats and has been a proven commercial success over many years. A turbine powered aircraft, it presents an excellent platform for all types of commercial work.

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Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

This spacious and luxurious helicopter offers the client the opportunity to travel or complete their aerial operation in the utmost comfort. The wide cabin with its panoramic views offers optimum visibility for all passengers.

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