endorsements & ratings

Helicopter Type

Each endorsement involves a minimum number of flight hours depending on previous experience. The training syllabus for each type covers systems and powerplant, normal operations, extensive emergency procedure training and load checks.


Overseas Licence Conversion

Whether you hold a PPL(H) or CPL(H) overseas licence, Rotorvation can handle all aspects of your conversion. From theory training to flight tuition, we will work with you to become a safe and competent Australian helicopter pilot.


Slingload Endorsement

A sling endorsement allows the pilot to carry an external load beneath the helicopter. Our syllabus covers the use of long and short sling lines for load attachment, carriage of cargo nets, organization and briefing of ground crew, and emergencies. The two hour flight time minimum can be carried out in the R44, B206 or the AS350 but can only be added to an existing PPL(H) or CPL(H) licence.


Low Level Approval

Obtaining a low level approval allows the pilot to operate at heights below 500’ above ground level in the type of helicopter in which they are endorsed. The five hours training can be conducted as part of your commercial training or it can be conducted separately.


Night VFR Rating

This rating can be added to either a PPL(H) or a CPL(H). While many helicopter operations are suited solely for daylight hours, the NVFR Rating gives the pilot the added flexibility to fly after dark.

The course consists of a minimum 10 hours flight training in a suitably equipped aircraft and covers basic instrument flying, the use of navigation aids, general handling, emergencies and night cross-country training.


Instructor Rating

If you have a passion for passing on your knowledge and enthusiasm to other prospective pilots, then a career in instructing may be for you.

Rotorvation Helicopter Services offers this challenging but rewarding course for current CPL holders. You must have a minimum of 360 hours flight time prior to the commencement of the course. The 40 hours flight training is carried out by our senior instructors.

Rotorvation’s CFI is an approved testing officer for both Grade 1 and Grade 2 initial ratings and renewals. The course will hone your skills and confidence as a helicopter pilot and includes all theory and briefings necessary to correctly instruct, encourage and inspire student pilots.

Overseas Instructor Ratings can also be converted to the Australian equivalent.

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