Helicopter Training Courses Perth

Steps in the process

You are about to embark on a challenging training regime that can lead you to an exciting and rewarding career. It pays to do your homework before handing over your hard earned dollar. The training you receive will form the basis to becoming a safe, efficient and professional pilot.

Visit prospective schools and talk to the instructors and students to get a feel for the establishment. Check out the facilities; inspect the maintenance division and the helicopters. Are they well maintained in a clean hangar? Are there former students working in the industry?

Find out if you will have one primary instructor and a back up or will you have whoever is available and will you regularly fly with the Chief Flying Instructor? How thoroughly are emergency procedures covered? Is there a theory structure available that suits you? Were you made welcome? Did you feel comfortable? Were you given the information you needed?

  1. Complete a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF). This will give you the opportunity to experience first hand what it takes to fly a helicopter. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss your training with the instructor and ask any questions you may have. The flight is available 7 days a week and include a pre and post flight briefing.
  2. Make a decision on the type of training you want to undertake. Do you want to fly for leisure (Private License) or for work (Commercial License). This decision will form the basis of the time your training will take, and the privileges you will gain.
  3. Start Booking Lessons. After your trial flight, have another go at a full lesson with a briefing and as much flying as you can handle. The more regularly you fly, the less flight hours you will require to gain the basic skills to control the helicopter.
  4. Sit an in house Rotorvation theory course. These courses not only give you the knowledge you need to be a world class pilot, but are also an amazing opportunity to learn with other pilots and student pilots from around the industry.
  5. Have fun and continue training. Flying helicopters is simply fun and rewarding. This is not a degree, it is not a structured time limited course, nor is it difficult. Once you have begun training, you have done the hard part. From here on in, it is all just flying!!

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