Helicopter trial flight

Helicopter Introductory Flight

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking to the skies in a helicopter or you are thinking of a career as a helicopter pilot then book a trial flight with one of Rotorvation’s experienced instructors.

Your introduction to the world of helicopter flight will start with a 25 minute briefing on the ground to prepare you for the 35 minute trial flight. Once in the air you will be shown the capablilities of the helicopter before being handed the controls. Our training helicopter is fitted with dual input meaning the instructor will always be ‘on controls’ to assist you if needed.

A Trial Flight is an ideal way to assess your ability to be a helicopter pilot before you start to undertake your training. It also allows you to appraise the flight school as a potential training operator.

If you are just after a unique adventure or gift then a Trial Flight makes a truly memorable experience.

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