Training With Rotorvation

Why Train with us?

    • Safety is our number one priority in all aspects of our training.


    • Fully integrated courses give our students the maximum benefit from each component Our theory courses are run by a team of dedicated and experienced instructors and overseen by the Chief Flying Instructor. We reinforce safe, professional and efficient flying practices that will be carried forward throughout your entire aviation career. Visual aids, power point presentations and access to a fully functioning engineering division at our hangar, gives our students the best possible start and ongoing support when embarking on their private or commercial licence, endorsement or rating.


    • Our Jandakot Airport base is not only located within a tower controlled aerodrome but also adjoins Perth airport CTA (air traffic controlled area). With non controlled airspace close by, it is ideal for navigation training and familiarization with operations at non-controlled aerodromes. With comprehensive and integrated theory courses, experienced instructors, excellent location and an unparalleled dedication to safety and professionalism, Rotorvation offers the most valued training experience in Australia.


    • Rotorvation’s flight and ground crew are all experts in their own fields but work together as a team to make the challenging, demanding world of a student pilot run as smoothly as possible. From the onset the team will take the time to answer all your questions, discuss any concerns, explain the innumerable official forms, assist with scheduling theory and booking flights and lend a guiding hand in a new and unfamiliar world. In short, we will make you feel part of the Rotorvation family.


    • Each student will have a primary instructor with whom they will conduct the bulk of their training providing invaluable continuity of training.


    • In addition, all students fly regularly with Rotorvation’s Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) giving them the enormous benefit of his thousands of hours of instructional experience. Rotorvation’s CFI has an integral and ongoing role in each students training and progress.


  • Rotorvation’s helicopters are maintained to the highest standard by Helitech. Co-located in Rotorvation’s premises, the engineers are on hand to offer helpful advice and explanations to students and pilots alike. 

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