We had the absolute pleasure of taking some of our guests to Leeuwin Estate Winery, such an amazing part of the world! Check out the video! Click Here

Mike, Brett, Jo and Piers all had a great day with the Camp Quality crew at Rottnest Island last weekend! It was all smiles as Mike flew everyone for a lap around the island! Check out the video! Click Here

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Another brand new Robinson R44 helicopter made its way over from Redcliffe in Brisbane during early February. VH RTQ was flown over by Richard Sobey, one of our grade two instructors and Nick Stielow, one of our students close to completing his CPL(H). RTQ will be used for scenics, charters and training out of Jandakot, adding to Rotorvations expanding fleet.

Students look out! Another brand new Beta II for your enjoyment. SCY (white with blue trim) joins our fleet of training aircraft. Assembled here in Perth by Heliflite, SCY came online in April.

Our newest addition to the training fleet arrived over the weekend. VH-RBT made the long journey from Heliflite in Sydney to Jandakot. It was piloted by ex-student Ian “Ernie” Pitchforth who also had to dodge showers and strong headwinds. RBT (named “The Yolk” for its bright yellow paint job) will help keep students and instructors busy at Jandakot and adds to the growing fleet of R22 helicopters available for training.

RLO in training! Niffy Paull was the first student to take to the skies in Rotorvation’s new R22 Beta II. Of course, this is just another moment we had to capture on camera! More pictures of our other students coming soon…..

RLO (Romeo Lima Oscar) or as we affectionately call her “Rotorvation Look Out” joined our fleet of training and charter aircraft during June 2009. This brand new Beta II Robinson R22 helicopter is kept very busy in the skies around Perth with our students loving its power and smoothness in flight. Purchased from Heliflite, who are Australian leaders in Robinson sales and service, RLO was flown from Brisbane to Perth during the second week of June 2009. The long voyage was piloted by Craig Beardsmore – Rotorvation’s theory instructor and commercial pilot. The five day adventure was slow going due to strong headwinds and the need to dodge storm clouds constantly. Rotorvation will add another R22 to its fleet in the first week of July 2009. Stay tuned for those photos soon!