Private Helicopter Licence

Private Helicopter License

The Private Licence entitles you to fly recreationally throughout Australia but does not permit you to work commercially or be paid as a pilot. The PPL(H) is fast becoming a viable and attractive option for business owners, the corporate world and enthusiasts alike.

Learning to fly a helicopter is a fantastic, challenging hobby to undertake. This is a challenge in which the rewards are huge. Most students say they have experienced more than just learning to fly – They have challenged themselves and won!

On obtaining your licence, it doesn’t just stop there! Rotorvation offers student training for all different types of endorsements and ratings. As well as being able to private hire aircraft to undertake your own adventures, you may decide to undertake further training to become a commercial helicopter pilot.

No prior experience is required to start the PPL training which can be conducted on a full or part time basis. On completion of your licence you can continue to hire our aircraft for that quick trip over to Rottnest or an extended stay down south — the possibilities are endless.

The duration of 12 weeks as shown below is based on the minimum hours required by CASA undertaken at an average of four to five 1 hour lessons per week, and it is possible that more hours may be required subject to student performance. Less regular flight training will generally require more flying hours in order to develop and demonstrate the necessary piloting skills.


Minimum Age 17 years
Approximate minimum duration 12 weeks (Full time)
Minimum flying hours required 50 hours plus 2 hour flight test
Theory required One in house exam covering all aspects of flying helicopters
Aviation experience No prior aviation experience required

Training costs

The cost of obtaining your licence very much depends on how frequently you fly and your ability to work through the syllabus and achieve certain flying standards..
As a rule of thumb, your PPL(H) flight training will cost anywhere between $25,000 $40,000. In many ways, it is more sensible to work on a monthly budget rather than an overall cost, this is where our experienced staff will assist you in planning a training regime to suit your individual situation.

There is no requirement to pay in advance for any flight training and payment is due on completion of each flight training exercise.

For information on flight training hourly rates, simply arrange a meeting with our business development manager who will be glad to help you.

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