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The larger, 5 seat Robinson R66 is powered by a Rolls Royce turbine engine. Has a faster cruise speed than the R44 and with a large baggage compartment it is ideal for charter flights. Safe, reliable and comfortable, the R66 is also popular with prospective helicopter owners.


    • Gross Weight: 1225 kg
    • Empty weight: 581kg
    • Main tank capacity: 116 litres
    • Optional aux tank capacity: 69 litres
    • Average Fuel Consumption: 80 lph
    • Passenger and baggage limit: 136 kg (per seat)

    • Powerplant

    • Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine


    • Never exceed speed: 130 kt (240 km/h)
    • Maximum speed: 130 kt
    • Cruise speed: 110 kt
    • Range: 350 nm (650 km)
    • Maximum Operating Altitude: 14,000 ft